Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antique Ads

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This was the first private ad, taken out in the Canadian Gazette, ca. 1799.

"Evean Eveans, Taylor and Habit maker from London, having taken a room in a small building belonging to Mr. Willocks for the purpose of prosecuting the duties of his trade, begs leave to inform the ladies and gentlemen of York, that he has commenced the above business, and to those who may honor him with their commands, he flatters himself from his experience, to afford satisfaction."
If it's not too clear, this gentleman is a tailor. Never mind trying to get all that into an ad in today's paper with the 3 line limit we generally have. Not only would that ad be hugely expensive, no one would understand it.
It's a guy that makes duds.
Yea verily, chums of the SLV blog, we invite you thusly, or to whom it may appease, to read on and rejoice in all that is familial, antiquated and merry.
Enough awready. Enjoy some stunning antique items from some of my favorite shops.
 Satin Damask Bustle Gown, c, 1876 from Vintage Textile
 Water Silk Faille Shoes, mid 1700s from Antique Dress
Stunning two toned coat, c. Edwardian Era, from The Frock

Edwardian 2 piece dress from Davenport & Co.

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