Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Nod to MOD and Birthday Greetings

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You may not know the name or the history of the name, but I'll bet that you recognize these iconic images.  You've probably seen these graphic and colourful patterns on teapots, clothing or textiles.

Marimekko is celebrating 60 years of great design.  The name means "Mary-dress".  Their modern and bold patterns were effectively showcased on fabrics and ready-made products.  This Finnish company made important contributions to fashion and home furnishings especially in the 1960's and 1970's.  It was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia.
American architect Benjamin C. Thompson was responsible for bringing this innovative company to North America by way of chic, clean-lined dresses that were beloved by the late Jackie Kennedy.  Soon Marimekko branched out into household items and even toys.  Today Marimekko designs can be seen in such places as Crate & Barrel and H&M.
 I love this company's use of colour and repetition of motifs.  It's so cheery but you can be bold or sedate to suit your mood.  You can have one big pattern that looks so distorted that it looks very abstract and quiet in its statement.  Dresses are very calm and clean, which are the perfect backdrops to the colours and designs of the fabric.

Have a look around your house.  You might just find a Marimekko and you didn't even know it! 


T500 Vintage 60s Marimekko style red poppies fabric

MARIMEKKO Samovaari Berry Vintage Print Shower Curtain

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