Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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 On the hilarious heels of yesterday's homage to men's retro fashions, I thought that another virtual runway show would be the perfect sequel.

One of my favourite juicy authors is Sidney Sheldon.  He was the brains behind the 1980's television show called "Hart to Hart".  It was about a self-made millionaire and his wife who habitually fought crime when situations seemed to land on their laps.  They were sort of newlyweds who could never keep their hands off of each other.  With an eccentric and crotchety butler to keep them in line, the Harts always managed to come out on top (of each other!)

I love Robert Wagner, but I must have been too young to appreciate the sexy side of him.  Suave yes, but not sexy for me.  He was somewhat bumless with his shirt open a bit too much.  I think that his wardrobe didn't help in convincing me of his appeal... 

Do you remember Sergio Valente jeans?! Also
love all the jewellery

Thin ascot anyone?  He looks like Mr. Howell

Cool jacket doesn't hide the flared, polyester trousers

OOOOHHH, that velour shirt!

Do you think that your man deserves some 1970's style?

Vintage FILA Mens Ricishie Velour Tracksuit Top UK 42 L

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