Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey, haven't I seen that house before?!

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I've been to Paris many times but there was never enough time to visit this famous house in Poissy, located just 30 minutes out the capital city.  It was designed by the late, great Le Corbusier.  Called the Villa Savoye, this modernist house is named after the original owners Pierre and Emilie Savoye.  They had dreamed of having a summer retreat along the Seine river, close to their city home.  However, they abandoned the house in the early 1940's, some say due to its impractical design.  After surviving Nazi occupation and many subsequent plans for demolition, the French government finally deemed it an historical monument in 1965.

I could go on extolling the virtues of the famous swiss born architect.  But I thought that it would be more fun to see images of this strange and interesting home:

The Green of the ground floor is the garage
Images courtesy of

It's hard to say where exactly is the front entrance

Incredibe interior staircase. Reminds me a bit
of the Guggenheim

Interior ramp.  It is said that the house is full of them
which greatly reduced the living space

Living room space.  Do you recognize the furniture?
They are the famous Le Corbusier designs used
frequently today in homes and offices

Roof top patio

Stark looking kitchen with amazing views

Exterior rams which lead to great heights

Large bedroom with built-in cabinets

Roman spa-like bath


Villa Savoie (Villa Savoye), by Le Corbusier, Poissy-Sur-Seine, France Photographic Poster Print by Walter Rawlings, 12x16


Le Corbusier Style Pony Skin Chaise Lounge FR3007P

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