Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As The Stomach Turns at General Hospital...

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It's hard to believe that daytime soap operas are losing steam after so many years of success. These melodramas got started in 1920's America as radio stations popped up all across the country. Families crowded around their scratchy machines to listen to all types of programming. During the daytime hours, housewives became big fans of soap operas. In those days, household product companies were the prime sponsors. To attract more listeners, the storylines became more and more dramatic - hence the term "soap opera", still used today.

All I Need (Original Recording Remastered)
I used to rush home from high school to watch "General Hospital". I had such a crush on Jack Wagner.  Still have his debut LP in the basement.  Some of the key characters are still causing havoc in Port Charles. The Young and the Breastless are still in-fighting. What's great about soaps is that the more time passes, everything stays the same. Nicki and Victor kept getting hitched. And Sonny keeps siring more children. And what do you mean Michael's not dead?
I also loved the nighttime soaps such as Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty. Knots Landing and the Colbys. For one hour each week each show, we could live vicariously through the characters and forget about our humdrum or hectic lives. Why did they end and why has it been so difficult to revive this evening genre?

Scene from "One Life to Live"
 Now it looks like daytime soap operas are at risk of extinction. The media says that the popularity of reality shows are to blame. Those Jersey Shore girls seem larger than life, but watching them is akin to not being able to turn away from a car accident or surgery on The Learning Channel.  I guess the world is changing.  I just hate that these great characters may be lost forever.

As these are the Days of Our Lives, All My Children at General Hospital are Young and Restless.  They want to be Bold and Beautiful, after all there's just One Life to Live.


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