Monday, May 2, 2011

I Lied

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Okay, I know last week I said it would be the last blog post on the already over-exposed royal wedding. Sorry. I need to do this one, and perhaps another, and another - there is so much to say!

Firstly, was that not an awesome wedding?
Being in a different time zone meant rising at 4am...but it was worth every minute. Many times I became a little teary eyed and choked up whilst watching...must have been because I was tired.....sure.

The Ceremony.
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Not one thing out of place, no mistakes, flubs (unless you count Fergie's daughters...but that's another post) - it truly was a beautiful event, one any couple would love to partake in.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Was Designed By Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen - 1
The Dress. 
Stunning. Magnificent. A teeny, tiny waist and beautiful figure reminding me so much of Grace Kelly. Elegant and beaming was Kate next to her prince. I must say I just adored the color of the maid of honor dress. It was lovely to see a matching tone rather than a sudden shock of color as so many brides insist upon. Their dresses complemented each other rather than fighting simply because they were of the same color group. Could you imagine seeing a shock of color next to Kate?

Since we all know this is the start of a new wave in wedding dresses, I am particularly pleased to see sleeves again on a bride. The beautiful cut of the bodice lace, an elegant veil with historical tiara and reasonable sized train. All the lace was hand-sewn, the sewers having to wash their hands every 30 minutes in order to keep the threads pristine. Sarah Burton of the house of Alexander McQueen has outdone herself. Bravo.

A very retro vibe, the way a bride should look. This is one dress I will happily embrace knock-offs of.Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Was Designed By Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen - 2

I have been oh so tired of late seeing brides stuff themselves into strapless, prom gowns - many buying dresses 2 sizes too small  because they think it will make them look slimmer. Yes, I'm talking about you TLC's , "Say Yes To The Dress". oy and vey. Two more words: bra fat.

Blended like a fine painting, the wedding was pomp and circumstance, yet it was refined, gentle and understated. How you can make a $70 000 000 wedding understated is a feat, but it was managed.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Was Designed By Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen - 3

Ivory Satin Wedding Gown

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