Wednesday, May 4, 2011


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Cast of "The Kennedys"
Last month, a new 8-part miniseries debuted about the Kennedy clan.  I have not heard anything about it since its initial few promos on television.  I like the cast, although Katie Holmes as the amazing Jackie O may be a bit of a stretch.  Besides, all of my current opinions of this actress are skewed due to her strange union with the even stranger Tom Cruise.  I really like the actor who plays the patriarch.  I will always remember the great Tom Wilkinson doing a boogie dance from the dole line in the film "The Full Monty".  Greg Kinnear has always been a personal favourite.  His endearing role as the roguish David in the remake of "Sabrina" made me love him more.

Are we actually getting tired of obsessing about the Kennedys?  Maybe our new royal family has become the actual British royal family?!  Still beaming from the success of Will and Kate's wedding and the incredible lead-up to it, maybe we believe in real princes and fairy tales again. 

The critics say that the writing for this miniseries leaves a lot to be desired.  The acting is stilted due to the bad production.  I think that we can spot a televised lemon in a heartbeat, but in this case it might be 'been there - done that - heard it all before'.  Most of the "good" Kennedys have passed away, leaving the directionless third generation kin to wander about their lives in this disinterested climate.

What a shame.  I still love the Kennedys and joke that I married into the Canadian version.  It's nice to have people whom we admire, just out of our mortal reach.  When I have a free weekend, maybe I'll catch up on this quiet miniseries.  Better than reruns of yet another crime drama.

Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House

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