Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exclusive Interview Only From SLV!

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Sindy, a model of British fashion in the 1960's
Sindy, the jet-setter!  What a doll!

After her recent trip to the Cannes Film Festival, I managed to catch up with Sindy in her Notting Hill flat for this exclusive interview to discuss life, love and her future:

SLV:  Sindy, you are looking lovely and golden from the Riviera sun.  How was Cannes this year?  Do you go every year?

SINDY:  It was the usual mad and crazy world of celebrities and bikinis over there.  I caught most of the important films and parties.  I don't attend every year, but when Guy [Ritchie] and Woody [Allen] kept insisting, I just couldn't say no.  It's nice to be back home though. 

SLV:  I really love your ensemble today.  What do you think about the strong resurgence of retro fashions? 

SINDY:  Well, I've always been keen on 1960's styles.  I think that real girls with real curves do well with them.  And thanks for the compliment.  I think that since I've gone back to my original agency - Pedigree, I'm back to my old self again!

SLV:  Speaking of that switch from Pedigree to Hasbro and back to Pedigree, how was the whole experience for you?  You went from being an English symbol of femininity to the 'All American Girl' then back again?

SINDY:  I must say, that without my tea and scones with clotted cream, I'm nowhere!  Americans are bold and fascinating, but I missed my old way of life here in England.  Hasbro wanted me to emulate Barbie's style.  But that wasn't me.  I do miss my American friends Mark and Marie.  They are such sweethearts.  I received some text messages from them today, so we're trying to keep in touch.

SLV:  Did you and Barbie get along?  What is she really like?

SINDY:  Barbie and I didn't really see each other very much, just at publicity events and such.  I must say that she is really gorgeous.  Her boyfriend Ken was such a charmer!  They had me on their boat on one occasion and it was a really fabulous time.

SLV:  What have you been up to since your relaunch in 1999?

SINDY:  Well, my social calendar has filled up like mad!  I'm becoming reacquainted with fans here in England and throughout the U.K.  It's been nice.  This time around, I'm older and wiser and taking things more slowly.

SLV: Did you watch the royal wedding? What did you think about the whole thing? We Canadians loved it!

SINDY: I was actually a wedding guest. I thought that it was a marvelous day and they looked really happy together which is the important thing. I thought that Kate's dress was darling and properly understated. Prince William looked very dashing and nervous. I wasn't involved in any of the official reception parties, so I had a nice meal with some friends and we talked about it for hours!

SLV:  Can we ask if there is a new man in your life?

SINDY:  Well you know about Paul, my ex.  He will always be the love of my life.  Right now I don't have anyone special.  There are a lot of beautiful men out there!

SLV:  What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now? 

SINDY:  I don't really know, to be honest.  I'm just enjoying life day by day.  Ask me again in 10 years!

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