Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CONTINUING MY HEARTTHROB JOURNEY...Rex, you take my breath away...

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I love living vicariously through my blogs.  They're like good girly chats and therapy sessions rolled beautifully into  cyber postings.  I am completely indulging in my need to research my favorite heartthrobs.  I feel like I'm checking up on old boyfriends, but instead of being regular guys, these retro teen idols are all fantasy and fun memories.

It wasn't very difficult to find the official website for Rex Smith.  I have to say that he has aged very well like a good vintage wine.  The site's homepage started playing Smith's famous hit "You Take My Breath Away".  I admit to still knowing almost all of the lyrics.  I sang along like I used to in my room with his record on full blast. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed Rex as a musical and television actor.  I'm still sad that his version of "Daredevil" didn't pan out into a full series.  It wasn't the same seeing  Ben Affleck play the same roll many years later.

Perusing his website, I was surprised to see that one can actually hire him for an event.  Wow, wouldn't that be amazing?  I know many of my girlfriends would be tickled pink if I could somehow manage that!  I would feel like Marcia Brady swaying at her school dance to Davy Jones' groovy tunes !

I still haven't purchased Rex Smith's movie "Sooner or Later".  What am I waiting for?!

REX SMITH Everlasting Love LP/Record - Street Hawk

Vintage 1970's ROCK HIP Men's Tailored LEATHER Jacket

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