Monday, April 18, 2011


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I have noticed a frightening trend these days.  I suppose that it's not a recent phenomenon, but an ongoing problem in our society.  I recently subscribed to a fashion magazine which seems to constantly feature very thin, young girls.  They look underweight and frankly quite off-colour.  I know that to look goth is really popular, but these girls look sickly not just skinny with pretty faces.  The news is talking a lot about this generation of children being unnecessarily overweight due to their ever increasing sedentary lifestyles.  Is there no happy medium?  Judging from this retro ad, chubby wubby girls were just as unpopular a notion as it is now.  Please feel free to weigh-in on this one.

Let's look at some healthy choices for your young girls...

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NEW $98 Yumi Cotton Retro Print Girls Tunic Top 14 15 L

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