Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are you there Judy? It's us Kristy and Tatum.

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Little Darlings PosterI was perusing a social network website last night.  I found the usual comments from my friends, some birthday photos and invitations to future events.  I was about to log out when I spotted a video posted by my friend Sue.  It was a 9 minute clip from the 1980 movie "Little Darlings" starring Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal.  I was immediately taken back to my early teen years watching what was considered a very risqué film for young girls.  The storyline involved 2 girls from opposite sides of the track who met at summer camp.  They soon engaged in a bet to see who would "lose it" first.  I think I related more to the goody goody O'Neal character but I wanted to be that girl from the rough part of town like McNichol's character.  And who wouldn't or couldn't fall in love with a young Matt Dillon?!

I also loved author Judy Blume who really spoke to our souls and our minds when we were so confused and full of revved up hormones.  One of my favourite of her books is "Are you there God?  It's me Margaret".  This book was so controversial and it was banned in many cities/countries.  I wonder if any of those "adults" who objected to this book ever thought to ask our opinions.  I would have told them that this book really shaped my early teen years and helped me to cope with a lot of issues such as puberty, getting my period and even religious ambivalence.

It's good to know that visionary filmmakers and writers were really looking out for us young girls at a time when we really needed guidance.  My Blume book is old and tattered and held together with love and scotch tape.  I'm on the hunt to find "Little Darlings" somewhere out there in the cyber world.

Judy Blume: "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret", "Starring Sally J.Freedman as Herself", "Blubber" v. 2

Little Darlings


Kori said...

I love Little Darlings and do feel it was a little ahead of its time..pretty racy! Have a wonderful Tuesday sweetie! Kori xoxo


samtheslayer said...

Sounds like a retro girls night is in order!!!