Monday, March 28, 2011


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There is a new game show on television called "Minute to Win It". It's a young, hip and flashy new show that is essentially bringing back old parlour games. Pairs of contestants have 1 minute to finish various tasks that are usually very simple in terms of materials used and design. The pairs can take turns as they wish to complete various tasks to climb up a money ladder to the ultimate goal of winning $1 million. I think that this concept has caught on with the general public. A few weeks ago, my friend Jenn invited us for a games night at her place. We "warmed up" by placing a single goldfish cookie on our foreheads, then we had to move it down our faces and into our mouths, using only our facial muscles. I hadn't laughed so hard in so long, it was great. There was a group of us from all walks of life and differing ages. Yet, we all had so much fun laughing at each other attempting this seemingly simple task.

It was then I realised that I am really loving this resurgence of simple games. There were no flashing lights, no annoying, repetitive sounds and nothing had to be plugged in or powered with numerous batteries. We used a small hour glass to time each other. If that wasn't available, someone would have a watch with a moving second hand. No one had to prepare their avatars or select game modes etc. And most importantly, these games are communal, encouraging a group of strangers to come together and laugh at each other's funny faces. It was nice to move away from the idea of solitary gaming and fantasy role playing in a dark basement with just you and your computer.

So invite some friends over, go to your grandparents' place for dinner and play some old fashioned games that are sure to please and allow you to forget about the generation gap.

Go out there and have some fun!

NBC's Minute to Win It Board Game
NBC's Minute to Win It Board Game

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Kori said...

My mom loves that show! Look at that vintage bowling set! Wow! Have a fabulous Monday. Kori xoxo