Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eco Chic: The Fashion Paradox

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Jess from Black Dog publishing in London has offered readers of Some Like it Vintage a great opportunity!

Enjoy a 40% discount for their best-selling book Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox

Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox is a fascinating and  pertinent examination of the relationship between fashion and environmental  awareness. A new wave of sustainable shopping, affordable clothing, and  ecological thinking has allowed eco-designers to create high-end, design-led  collections rather than merely environmentally sympathetic garments.  Eco-Chic aims to combat the preconceived idea of eco-fashion as a  compromise in style and quality and place eco-fashion where it belongs, at the  forefront of design. Lavishly illustrated, this revised and updated edition  will appeal equally to the fashion conscious and the environmentally  aware.

In a comprehensive survey of this highly pertinent subject, leading academic Sandy Black examines the way the fashion industry is changing to accommodate the environmental concerns of the twenty first century. She exposes the naked truth behind the clothes we wear, exploring alternate practices and assessing their feasibility.

Using case studies of designers from the catwalks and the high street, including Katharine Hamnett, Marks and Spencer and Linda Loudermilk, the book illustrates how these processes are finding their way into the industry, and shows how ethical fashion has moved on from its traditional connotations of hemp shirts and rope sandals.

Fashion and environmental awareness are two concerns that do not comfortably sit side by side. Over the past ten years, high street fashion, led by global chains, has become ever more affordable and disposable. The sourcing of materials, the manufacture and the distribution of clothes have become the dirty secrets of the beautiful industry.
Eco-Chic continues Black Dog’s commitment to the environment and to responsible design. Lavishly illustrated, it is a timely publication that will appeal equally to the fashion conscious and environmentally aware.

To get this great offer, just email Jess directly at jess@blackdogonline.com, include your shipping address and quote in the subject line, "Some Like it Vintage Eco-Chic Book Offer". Then sit back and wait for your book to arrive!

Happy reading!

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