Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's the VINYL Countdown...

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I saw a newspaper article the other day about a man who was trying to sort through all of his late mother's belongings that he inherited.  Among other things, there were hundreds of old vinyl records.  That got me thinking about my dark place under the stairs that is currently housing all of our own 45's and 78's.  We are loathe to throw them out and it seems like a lot of work and money to have them converted to CDs.  Besides, is it just me or do MP3 music sound very thin and tinny?  From time to time, we have tried to get CD versions of some of our LP's, but others sit in the old egg crates that were carried in from our move more than a decade ago.

I must be "old" now because I'm so attached to my vinyl.  We used to have an old turntable that skipped quite frequently and sometimes I'd have to blow lightly on the the needle head to get it to the next groove.  Hmm...groove to the music.  I get it now!  I remember when the cool DJ's used to scratch LP's like crazy to create that signature "zip zip" sound.  A lot of 80's and 90's music had that sound effect.  I think that dance mixes of many songs still encorporate it.

A few years ago, I finally found the LP of the "Summer Lovers" movie soundtrack. I had been looking for it for many, many years. However, I realised very quickly that I had no way to listen to it and it was not available on CD.  So I put it away in a safe place and left it for awhile. That Christmas, my lovely husband secretly had the album put on a CD for me. I will always remember listening to it in our tiny rental car as it chugged along the bumpy roads of Santorini.

What if I was to donate or throw out all my vinyl albums?  Sure, it's good to purge what I'm not using.  But like the old yearbooks and textbooks, I just can't do it.  Not yet anyway...

Old school sounds the old school way...

Hey!  I found another one!
SOUNDTRACK summer lovers LP vinyl 1 23695 VG++ 1982

new red retro record player turntable vinyl lp

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