Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reverse This

We do not see much in the way of reversible clothing today. It tends to be restricted to mostly travel clothing so as to help one pack and travel light. But at one time, reversible clothing was much more common as consumers would prefer getting more bang from their buck when purchasing or having a garment custom made. It also lessened the number of times something needed to be cleaned and therefore extended the life of a piece of clothing. 

Reversible clothing is exactly that. Turn something inside out and voila! A new outfit.

Double duty clothing is ingenious, unique, well-constructed and doubles your wardrobe instantly. I would love to see it re-emerge. However, because it requires more fabric, I highly doubt it will make a big comeback. Clothes are cheap and often cheaply made a reversible coat for instance, is more of an investment piece.

Take these vintage items for example:

This couture silver metallic gown has a reversible cape. How perfect! A different look, but just in case you spill a little something on your cape, turn it inside out and no one will ever know. Currently available for $75.

It excites my vintage heart when such thought is put into pattern matching, color complements and longevity of a garment. Say, isn't that what vintage is all about?

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