Monday, February 7, 2011

"...The Love Boat, promises something for everyone..."

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  Lately I've been really enjoying old episodes of The Love Boat.  I remember watching it as a kid every Saturday night at 8pm.  Looking at it with today's eyes, these episodes are such a fantastic window to the fashions of the late 1970's.  Aside from the naval uniforms, the passengers' retro clothing is so fun and interesting.  The hairstyles and make-up make me laugh too.  I wonder if 30 years from now people will be mocking what we think is fashionable today.  I suppose that's the cycle of life.

It's also a great way to look at late 1970's/early 1980's American culture, hear their slang and see what roles men and women played in society.  Before I sound too serious, let's just get right to those fashions.  I must stay that some were hits and some really missed the mark.  You be the judge and enjoy the following images:

Robert Reed and Loretta Switt looking
fairly unhappy at the Captain's table.
Switt's dress is a gorgeous peacock
blue.  Mr. Brady's hair was so big!

A very young Donna Mills and
John Gavin.  Their outfits match
very well, don't they?!  Love the
prominent collars

A prim Florence Henderson is wearing
a festive dress with a giant flower.
The flower is definitely a 70's theme.

Cool Don Adams looking like a sleazy
low roller in Vegas.  Nan Fabray is
ready for a potential Titanic experience?!

Melissa Sue Anderson wears a pretty
off-the-shoulder dress popular in the
late 1970's. She also sports a Farrah
style feathered hairstyle

Suzanne Somers has the figure to pull
off that tube top without a bra


Bonnie Franklin has that scoop to
her hair.  The sequin dress was such a
70's style favourite

Michele Lee plays the diva actress with
style that reminds me of the old silent
movie days. Fernando Lamas looks dashing,
but a polka dot tux?!


Scatman Crothers is surrounded by 70's
beauties. This was the era of going
"au naturel" when bras were optional
and silicone implants were not common

Don Adams again bravely wearing
pink plaid with lots of gold jewellery.
He looks preppy and sleezy!


Anson Williams looks dashing but wow,
look  at his poofy hair!

Robert Reed again with Pamela Bellwood
who is wearing the off-the-shoulder type
dress and the popular flower in her hair

Here is Tina Louise post Gilligan's Island.
Dashing Lyle Waggoner sports the large
bow tie and notice he's smoking at the
Captain's table!

Lyle Waggoner looks more Bruce Jenner
than someone going to lie by the pool. He
looks quite fit!


Scott Baio looks like all the boys I liked
in elementary school, with the 70's style
Adidas style sports shirt

Preteen fashions were well represented
by Kristy McNichol.  Cute cotton dress
with a matching blue flower in her hair


Kristy McNichol a popular hippy style
tunic top. I wore those all the time
with my bell bottoms. That slightly feathered
 almost boy hair cut was so popular back then

Sirens are going off!  Loni Anderson
fills that sleek dress very well

I hope that you have enjoyed strolling through memory lane with me.  This blog is a bit of an self-indulgent move to talk about one of my favourite tv shows from the past.

Enjoy a cruise aboard the Love Boat...

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Lynn said...

My FAVORITE show of all time! Grandma & Grandpa let me watch it when I stayed at their house. We drank lots of rootbeer and Pepsi floats, too!