Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Thanks to Will and Kate, we're getting excited about the British royal family again.  And on April 29th, the world will witness a new generation of Windsors tying the knot.  Now what about that gorgeous ring, that once belonged to the late Princess Diana?  The vintage sapphire engagement ring is stunning.  Hopefully this time around, this gem will bring better luck.
Now here's a bit of history.  Vintage or vintage inspired rings have been all the rage for quite a long time now.  Victorian era rings are the most popular of vintage rings.  This period was from 1837-1901 when diamonds gained in popularity on yellow gold or silver band settings.  Other precious stones were used as well, such as sapphires or rubies.  The Edwardian period was next which ran from 1901-1920.  The trend at that time was platinum to replace gold and silver.  Precious stones were more popular with small diamonds surrounding them.  The Art Deco period was the next era which was from 1920-1930.  Engagement rings from that time were oddly shaped, such as square or geometric and covered in small diamonds.  Their bands were predominantly made of platinum.
I think we love vintage engagement rings because of their unique designs and because they allow us to feel somehow connected to history.  Who originally wore that ring?  Who was the handsome bridegroom that presented it to his lady?  It's all a bit romantic.

On the morning of April 29th, I will be glued to the television to watch this historic event, much in the same way when 30 years ago, I was a girl who watched a Lady become a Queen back in 1981.

Here are some gorgeous gems....

La Vintage Shades of Green Serendipity Ring size 7

Vintage Sterling Silver Black & White Rhinstone Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver Royston Turquoise Ring Size 8

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XoXo, Vicki said...

Oh, absolutely love all things Royals!! Best wishes to Will and Kate. And isn't she just the luckiest girl in the world to wear Diana's ring?