Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"AD-VINTAGES" of Looking to the Past

Just for curiosity, I looked for the origins of the word “Vintage”.  It dates back to the 15th century, culminating from various words and their evolved forms such as the Latin vindēmia ‘grape gathering’ and dēmere ‘take away, take off’.  The English form of the word came from old French vendange or vendage, soon changed to vintage.  This word was primarily used to describe grape crops until the late 1920’s when application of the word extended to the automobile industry.

I suppose my instincts were correct in comparing vintage clothing to fine wine or vintage cars as they seem to with age, appreciate in value and increase in popularity.  We often believe in the notion that the clothes make the man – or the woman. 

James Cameron’s “Titanic” was on television the other night.  The first shot of Kate Winslett was romantic and awe-inspiring as she regally exited her beautiful car wearing a stunning dress and hat.  She was assisted by her dashing companion, impeccably dressed in the latest men’s fashions of that time.   

 Courtesy Titanic Movie.com

Courtesy Bollywood Sargam.com

Perhaps our love of and interest in vintage clothing comes from the yearning for that romantic feeling of by-gone eras when it was encouraged for women to be feminine and men to be dashing and gallant.  We want to FEEL good, not just look good.

Most of us have a need to escape the grind of our daily lives by diving into a good book or going for a relaxing massage.  The beauty of vintage is that by looking to the past, we can feel good about our present.

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