Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 20s Are A Perfect 10

Hidden in the deep recesses of my nearly finished basement, is a cupboard under the stairs that doesn’t house Harry Potter, but a 1920’s inspired flapper dress.  I made it ages ago out of an old sundress and lamp fringe.  This item would never be on sale at Some Like it Vintage or anywhere else vintage wear is featured; but I have been loath to discard it.  There is something special about that little dress. Perhaps it is because of the many hours I toiled with a needle and thread to make it as cute and as authentic as possible for a Halloween party.  I think the real reason is that just by looking at it sitting lonely on its hanger, I can hear the Charleston and my usually rhythm-deprived feet start moving to those sounds playing like an old movie in my head.

The Roaring 20’s are the stuff of tall tales and Hollywood movies.  I can just picture it - gangsters with Tommy guns slung casually over their impeccable, pinstriped suits, swaggering to impress.  Hip-swinging flapper girls with their glittery, fringed dresses popping their gum, just leaning by a bar to pretty up a joint.  It’s The Great Gatsby, Bugsy Malone, an old episode of Star Trek, Singing in the Rain, Chicago etc.  One gangster was fighting another for “a piece of the action”.

I treasure my little dress with its vintage appeal so that I can feel a part of that action and live vicariously through those old movies. 

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