Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oscar de la Color!

Perhaps it's my age, but getting older for me means I am becoming more experimental with my wardrobe. I am challenging color combination's as never before - perhaps one gains the confidence in later years to do this, or perhaps we just don't care! Either way, it is always a delight when a designer not only tests the limits of color mixing, but also stimulates patterns. Such is the case with this beautiful Oscar de la Renta vintage dress. Mixing stripes with floral not to mention the bright colors hits almost every one of our senses. I see warmth yet feel cool. Vibrancy is apparent with the tones yet the stripes put everything back into place with a military like speed.

Are you confused? No need to be...it is simply art. And can be worn. Best of both worlds.
Now available at CMadeleines $575.

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