Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sophisticated Lunch

Do you take your lunch to work or school? Do you dish out big bucks and buy your lunch every day? Most of us do a little of both, but I absolutely refuse to put my lunch in a paper bag.

My niece is very particular about her lunch bag. It's Hannah Montana all the way, but bless the little girl, the thermos must match the insulated lunch bag which matches her knapsack. A girl after my own heart!

While I can forgo the Hannah Montana tchochkes, I wouldn't mind carrying my lunch in this fabulous bag. It could be a purse, but couldn't you see placing your lovely victuals and snacks in this? Beats a paper bag any day.

Now available from Vintage Exchange on Etsy, $24.00

1 comment:

Stefanie Valentine said...

Unfortunately i just throw my food into my bag, nothing glamorous about that! I love bags like that, you can put anything in them.