Friday, March 12, 2010

Kick Up Those Heels

Spring is around the corner. I just love this time of year when there is little or no snow left on the ground, the sun shines and we can rid ourselves of a few layers of winter wear - particularly the heavy winter boots. (Assuming you live in the winterized seasons!)

My outdoor winter wardrobe tends to favor the practical. It only makes sense in a city that has icy sidewalks and slushy lawns - those big ol' galoshes are the choice for footwear. But now as the sidewalks are bare I can pull out my high heeled boots and wear them without the fear of slipping on the ice! It is still cool enough for boots where they do not look out of place, and the safety factor is back on the streets!

Couldn't you see wearing these fantastic butterscotch boots with a great skirt right now? Time to rid ourselves of dreary pants for a bit and kick up our heels in skirts!

Now available at Axella's Vintage Clothing.

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