Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Symmetry or not to Symmetry

Symmetry. Remember your grade 4 math classes? I recall borrowing my mother's little purse mirror and holding it up to my homework, trying to remember which figure was symmetrical and which was not. It seemed such a complicated concept at the time!

When it comes to clothing, how many times have you seen a one-shouldered dress and wondered how it would stay on? The right underpinnings are necessary of course - a strapless bra is a must. However, this gown has a little secret to it.
This asymmetrical one-shoulder dress from the 1950s is uber glam with the lace bodice and chiffon skirt. From Just Add Pearls Vintage, the bodice is corseted to maintain shape and hold in place. Designers in the 50s really helped to avoid any 'wardrobe malfunctions' a la Janet Jackson.

Now available for £120, shipping from the UK.

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Stefanie Valentine said...

The lace bodice is gorgeous. Unfortunately strapless bras don't work too well on my large bust therefore i can't wear strapless/one shouldered dresses very well :(