Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Just In! Christian Dior Dress with Bolero Jacket

Sometimes a garment will come into the shop and for the life of me I cannot figure it out. The only way to understand some garments is to put it on the mannequin. This dress came into my shop and was a conundrum to me. I enjoyed the colors, but could not understand why a bolero jacket would be attached to a dress. In my chronically practical ways, to me a jacket must be removeable. A lady should have the option of covering up or not.

As much as I love Christian Dior, I think all designers have moments of 'What was I thinking?'. I adore this outfit, but will be honest, the double zippers and attached jacket do not entirely make sense to me. But, that is the beauty of is unique and often times, experimental.

What do you think of this dress?


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