Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indie Syle Media Calendar

Indie Style Media (ISM) is a network of independent style bloggers, clothing/jewelry designers, vintage enthusiasts, shop owners, musicians, indie record label owners, deejays, and artists. Help support the indie movement with this calendar featuring a selection of photographs submitted by ISM members.

Yours truly has been featured! Our fabulous Vintage Fred Perlberg Dress was chosen to admire for the spring month of May...

...ahh, spring can not come fast enough! I'm already complaining about winter!

We all need a calendar and they have 3 sizes to choose from. Have a look

Hint: Use discount code "HOLIDAYSURV2" for $5 off! :)


Pearl Westwood said...

What a great idea for a calender, I always aim for something stylish but can never resist the puppies, have a wonderful new year x

Keith said...

Happy New Year! I hope you've been having a great holiday season. Mine has been wonderful except for my cable modem dying on me. I just did a new post with a big announcement in it. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks. Take care. Have a fantastic holiday weekend. Cheers!