Friday, October 16, 2009

Mad for Plaid - Seriously!

So how much plaid can YOU handle? I love plaids, tweeds and anything that reminds me of an English, lavender scented countryside. Throw in a warm brandy and a fireplace and there is no turning back for me.

But when I came across this photo, I laughed. Clearly an advertisement, but sometimes there is just overkill and your eyes start to cross. Tis the season for plaid and tweed.





Lemondrop Marie said...

There is NEVER enough plaid in my life, thank you very much! Love these pieces, especially the pretty little tartan dress!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I love a good tartan plaid any way it comes! It just evokes warmth and cool weather ;)

Keith said...

I wore so much plaid this summer. I had a pair of shorts I wore all the time.


Adore plaids...the swing dress is so beautiful! Enjoy a wonderful weekend~

Jessica Cangiano said...

Plaid, tweed, anything even remotely English countryside style? Sign me right up on the double! :) I just adore these styles, too, and am always looking for more ways to weave them in my wardrobe all year round.

Thank you sweetly for your lovely comment, honey, I hope you have a splendid week!!!
♥ Jessica