Friday, May 29, 2009

Need Help With That?

Well ladies, if you ever own a vintage dress like this 1950s Perlmutt Model, I hope you have a significant other, friend, neighbour to help you with it.

This stunning dress may have been designed by an engineer and constructed by an architect. Using a series of eyes & hooks, the tafetta crosses over the chiffon and the chiffon crosses over the tafetta. Confused yet?
Have a look and see what I mean.

and VoilĂ !!

I'm selling this one with instructions. Perhaps an instructional video.
But well worth it!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

OMG...that has to be one of the most beautiful dresses yet! I once went to an exhibit of Christian Dior original gowns and couldn't believe the work it must take to get into them. All eye hooks, folding this way and that. The joys of couture!

Keith said...

I think that's so beautiful. I love it. I hope you had a cool weekend. Cheers!