Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get Out the Old Photo Album

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Photo courtesy of CD - my sister-in-law

I love coming across old photos like this.  The bride was a blushing 20 year old on her happiest day.  This is the wedding of my sister-in-law's parents back in October of 1968. 

Mr. B. looked like a dashing tv host with those trendy glasses and tuxedo.  By the 1960's, men's formal wear had evolved in a way that every man could own a tuxedo without the big ticket price.  Unlike today, most men purchased their wedding clothes as they could wear them again and again for formal occasions. Notched lapels came into fashion again and the 2 or 3 button fronts, as well as flap pockets made tuxedo jackets look more like suit jackets.

Mrs. B. looked ever so sweet in her simple and elegant wedding gown.  Dresses in those days were typically A-line with 3/4 length sleeves, with or without trains and with very few choices of fabrics.  The large, tulle veil was so indicative of that time as well.  Designer William Cahill was considered the "king of bridal" during the 40's and 60's.  His influences can be seen in many wedding albums from these times. 

I love this photo because they look so young and fresh with dreams in their eyes.  They look excited and bursting with happiness.  This lovely couple had 2 beautiful daughters and are blessed with 4 grandchildren.  I hope that someday, someone will look upon our wedding photos with a smile and admire the fashions of our day.



Ange said...

What a beautiful photo and how delightfully refreshing that this same couple are still married to each other and can continue that loveliness in their Grandchildren xXx

Carolyn Black Darker said...

A lovely blog Carol! Dad was so dashing and mum a natural beauty. Thank you for doing this. A wonderful way to remember my mum by xo

Carolyn Black Darker said...

A lovely blog Carol. Thank you for doing this. What a wonderful way to remember my mum by xo