Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Hanae Mori and My Holy Grail

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As a vintage dealer, sometimes the lines blur between a seller and collector. I am obviously in the business of selling, but as all vintage dealers can attest to - we all have our dream designers that we wish to have in our collections and hold on to. And never sell.

One of my holy grails is Hanae Mori. Well, I finally have one and it's killing me to list it in the store. I really, really want to keep this in my private collection. I am torn. I have indeed listed it but almost hope no one buys it!

If I did this with all my items I would no longer be a seller. I think I would be a hoarder.

Let me share this stunning silk gown by the Japanese couturier Hanae Mori. But please don't buy it. $425

Early 1980s Hanae Mori Silk Gown

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