Monday, May 14, 2012


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The infant Princess Elizabeth
Her Majesty, the baby

This year marks Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years as the reigning monarch of Great Britain.  Her coronation took place on June 2nd, 1952.  This diamond jubilee year will be full of pomp and circumstance, to coincide nicely with the Summer Olympics to be held later this summer in London, England.

What is it about strong women in Britain?  There was the first Queen Elizabeth, then the virgin Queen Victoria, QE2, then somewhere in there was the iron lady, Margaret Thatcher.

Coronation day

Just think, if "that woman" hadn't come along, QE2 would never have perched on the throne.  It's funny how life has so many twists and turns.  Now they've gone and changed the rules so that a woman can lead if she is first born.  What, are they actually getting with the times?!

Personally I don't hold any strong feelings either way for the British royal family.  I wasn't born in a Commonwealth country.  Growing up in Canada, I just became used to them, like a picture hanging on my wall, or a face on a coin.  Some are real die-hard fans while others have nothing but harsh words for what is essentially a figurehead family, who spends loads of their people's money.

Charles and Diana on their big day

I did get caught up in the Charles and Diana wedding.  Then last year, I was all tingly watching William and Kate get wed.  Those feelings have more to do with a girl's natural fantasies of becoming a princess, marrying a dashing prince in uniform, rather than a personal desire to become a Windsor.  Talk about your scary in-laws!!

Husband has a story about a friend who spent a bit of time sipping gin with the Queen Mother on one occasion.  That's a story for another blog!

I suppose now the question is, when will the old girl retire and let Charles have a hand at it?  I do admire the Queen for her longevity and staunch resistance to change and her respect for her position.  Any person who can do one thing with so much authority for such a long time, should be commended for her efforts.

Jubilees and other milestones
Past jubilee celebrations

This diamond jubilee is a nice occasion for celebration.  Bring on the bubbly, the tea with scones slathered with clotted cream and jam.  You go girl!


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Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

I'm not a staunch Royalist either but I've seen enough documentaries about Queen Elizabeth to know that she will never retire just so Charles can take over. She's in it for life and sees this role as her duty. She's an amazing woman.

Without question, the Queen does live a very privileged life, but she is our Head of State and she does a brilliant job. The Royal Family also brings in a lot of revenue to the UK. I'm not sure that so many people would visit here if it wasn't for them.

And don't forget, most of us get a free day off when it's the Queen's jubilee - it's not all bad! :-)