Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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As I think about my upcoming re-nuptials, I think about all the other brides-to-be out there planning furiously for their weddings.  It's amazing how the wedding industry has changed, along with dress styles, hair styles, traditions etc.  What has also changed is the style of bridal bouquets.

During the turn of the twentieth century, posies were very popular with Victorian brides.  The flowers themselves sent messages of love.  For instance, even the various rose colours had their meanings:

Pink rose - romantic love
White rose - innocent love
Red rose - passionate love

Posies fell out of favour in the first half of the century.  However the fully wired versions have become all the rage, mainly due to its influence from Martha Stewart.

Bridal Bouquets
This bridesmaid's posy was inspired by the 1920's when women held bouquets framed with turkey feathers.

Another variation of the posy was the Biedermeier, very popular in the late 1800's.  It was carefully arranged in tight concentric circles.  Each ring was a different flower type.  Lemon and orange peels were added for fragrance.  Its pleasing symmetry is most likely the reason for regained popularity.

The Fan bouquet enjoyed fleeting popularity in the 1980's.  Fancy lace fans were adorned with carnations and lots of ribbon.  This may be one trend that is thankfully behind us and hopefully forgotten. 

If a bride tended towards a more religious style of adornment, the Prayer book or Bible Spray was the one for her.

Shower bouquets became trailing bushes of flowers and greenery.  These were popular in the 2nd half of the 20th century.  One of the most popular which comes to mind was one carried by the late Princess Diana. This style of bouquet was commonly used in the 1920's.  But it went out of favour by the 1990's

So many more trends have come and gone.  What remains is our desire to have a beautiful day adorned with the natural beauty of flowers.


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