Monday, April 23, 2012


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With the strong resurgence of all things retro and vintage, it's not surprising to see that photo booths are regaining popularity in the wedding industry and others such as theme parties and schools.  Ever wonder who invented it? 

The man himself
Back in the cold, dark days of late 19th century Siberia, an innovative man named Anatol Josephewitz (later known as Josepho) dreamed of creating images that were faster, more efficient and less costly so that the average working man could have his own photographs.

Still in his teens, Josepho opened his first photographic studio.  There he developed and designed a self-operated prototype device that would be coin operated.  This invention would become the first Photomatron.

Fast forward to New York City in 1925 when Josepho opened his Photomatron studio for the general public.  Thousands lined up with their 25 cents each to have their images captured instantly on photo strips. He was an big hit and the rest they say, is history.

Josepho's invention had come at a time in history when most people didn't own their own photographic devices.  Prints were costly and such luxuries were pushed aside for more practical purchases.

By the 1950's, the photo booth became very popular with teens and it became a very social thing to squeeze into a booth and have goofy shots taken with friends.

Nowadays, even a small child under the age of 5 has his/her own cheapo digital camera.  We can preview or delete photos on our computers and even print them on our own, or email them to a nearby store for very inexpensive prints.  Why then, would we need a cumbersome device such as a photo booth in today's society?

Proms today are more fun with time spent in a photo booth

I think that our current lifestyles are conducive to a lot of cocooning and isolation.  Vintage devices such as a photo booth get us mingling and becoming more social again.  These devices make us more spontaneous as well.  So the next time you're at a wedding and you see a one with a lot of giggling going on inside, don't shy away, grab someone and make some memories.


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