Monday, March 12, 2012

"G-o-o-in' To The Chapel And We're G-o-o-nna Get Ma-a-a-ried..."

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Across the pond in southern England, I hear that everyone's going mad for retro weddings.  Couples want to tie the knot in vintage style and say their vows with WOWS! 

For instance, there is a company called Bristol Vintage who are facilitating weddings with that by-gone flair.  They held their first wedding fair last year and they haven't looked back.  The displays included everything you would need for the big day - dresses, tuxedos/suits, accessories, hair and make-up sessions, flowers, cakes, catering and even a vintage phone booth for the picture perfect day.

Calling all engaged couples out there.  To make your special day extra special, consider a vintage wedding theme.  You and your guests will all have a blast, visiting the past for the day.  Have a look at how much fun these guys had:

Lauren and Chris' Polka Dot Bowling Alley Wedding
Photo by Kris Dahl

Fee and Fred's Red, White and Black Samba Wedding
Photo by Noriega Photographics

Karen and Alex's Theatrical Burlesque Glam Wedding
Photo by Marlene Suter

Marcy and her Gals
Photo by Kalen Marie Photography


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