Monday, February 6, 2012

You Want How Much?!

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Ah, this coat. This fantastic 1920s wool wrap coat.

As soon as I listed this I was hit with a flurry of interest. Fabulous right? Of course. But it made me ponder the question (again....) of how to price vintage clothing. 

The price of this coat was a very reasonable $125. Some may think, why so cheap? Others may think, that's about right, and yet others may think too expensive.

This coat was sold within 48 hours of listing and because I received so many emails of people interested in this coat, hoping the sale would not go through and could I let them know, I re-evaluated the price I placed.

There were a few issues with the coat. Obvious yellowing was apparent on the front, right where the buttons are, there was a small hole and the pocket had a repair.

Generally when I price something, I think to myself, "What would I pay". So I stand by my price because of the issues. Regardless of how old this coat, I feel $125 was fair and not too cheap, and not gouging. 

I refuse to be one of those sellers who sell at outrageous prices just because something is old. I stand by my integrity and price valuations. If something is a lower price, then kudos to the buyer who snapped it up. If something is a higher price, then the buyer who wants the item is willing to pay for it. I am a fair seller of vintage clothing and believe quality = value. That is how I shop and that is how vintage consumers should too - don't be fooled by high prices and thinking it must be really valuable. In many cases, high prices do not mean better quality. It could mean something is more rare and definitely that is worth the higher price. Just be careful out there and do a bit of homework.

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