Monday, February 27, 2012

Pack your STEAMPUNK for a Voyage under the Sea in 80 Days!

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What is "Steampunk"?  Last year, Veronica talked briefly about this relatively new phenomenon.  I'm sure many of us have seen examples but we didn't put a name to it.  Lately I've seen numerous themed events such as a wedding reception and condo open house which featured this fantastical genre.
Simply put, Steampunk is Victorian elegance fused with modern day technology, to create a world that bridges and blurs the lines between centuries.  Many devotees have created sub-themes or slight variations in the original concept by introducing the macabre, erotica and goth characteristics. 

Jules Verne knew what he was doing when he created such crazy and interesting worlds in his books "Around The World In 80 Days" and "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea".  His speculations on future technologies were almost prophetic, similar in feel to the way that Da Vinci dreamed and invented.

steampunk girl
Steampunk Fashions
Like any other romanticized theme, Steampunk allows us to immerse ourselves in the fun and goodness of time periods and push the bad under the rug.  After all, it's all about the fantasy and enjoyment.  And this theme has also carried over into personal style and fashions so that it's a portable way of showcasing not just a theme but also a lifestyle.

So what is Steampunk?  It's a genre, a design aesthetic and philosophy all rolled into a vintage feeling world where anything can happen.  I'd be interested in attending a Steampunk festival.  Renaissance enthusiasts shouldn't be the only ones to indulge in their fantasies.


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