Thursday, December 22, 2011


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This year we're excited about attending a 1980's theme New Year's Eve party.  It will be hard to focus on the preparations as so many inspirations come to mind.
 For my hair, I'll dig out my old banana clip, which I saved for 'just in case'.  I don't know why it went out of style in the first place.  I have layered, curly hair, so a vertically designed hair implement is the perfect thing.  Then I thought about going with an off-the-shoulder cut-off "Flashdance" look or a layered net top or maybe go in a preppy direction with a collar raised Polo shirt. 

As for a bottom, I know that it'll involve leg warmers, which are quite fashionable these days.  Hey - what about the "Mork and Mindy" rainbow suspenders?  Wish I had kept my perfectly fitting stone washed jeans.  Oh well, I may opt for skinny jeans to go under the leg warmers.
The late great John Hughes

I'll have to go either pastel preppy or "Echo and the Bunnymen" New Wave.  Lucky for me, John Hughes has been such a huge influence that preparing for this party will be like channelling his spirit.

As for accessories, I'll have to have dangly sort of plastic earrings that are very colourful or the rock and roll skull motif.  If there isn't a snow storm, footwear would ideally be leather topsiders (with carefully coiled lace ends) or trendy cockroach killers.
 I don't think that Husband will have time to grow out his hair enough to successfully sport the "Flock of Seagulls" look.

With my mix tapes in hand and a spring in my retro step, this 80's style party should be...

'like, oh my god, totally rad!'

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