Monday, November 28, 2011

We'll have a Cool, Cool, groovy Christmas...

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Christmas season is right around the corner.  I'm already thinking about this year's colours.  Yes, I am one of those people who likes to change schemes and themes when decorating.  Husband thinks it's all a bit crazy and wishes I'd just stick to the traditional green and red.  Speaking of traditional, I was thinking about the "most of Christmas past"....

Back in elementary school days, my good friend Sue and her family had a very artificial looking silver Christmas tree.  It was only about 5 feet tall and aesthetically had no connection to nature.  But they loved that tree and I was invited many times for its holiday dressings.  That got me thinking about how decorations have changed through the years.  We don't normally think about a Christmas tree being "trendy".  However, there was a certain style to retro decorating. 

Remember the "tinsel" that was heavily draped on our trees back in the 1960's and 1970's?  Why don't we do that anymore.  What happened to that shiny decoration?  Why did we overdo it so much?  It looks like the tree is melting into the shag carpet!

It seems like back in the days of retro cool, it was very trendy to use holiday colours that were bright and cheerful.  Having that "outdoors in" idea wasn't in vogue back then.

We used to have these little tabletop Christmas trees.  This one is white, but we had shiny green ones, different sizes.  I loved turning all the room lights in to enjoy the many little, colourful lights.

I love this photo for so many reasons from the lift in the girl's hair to the avocado stained piano.  But I also love the silvery tinsel garland that was all the rage but now is nowhere to be seen and is probably hidden in old basements.

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