Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paris Is a Feast - Moveable in Time...Part 3 of 3

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This is a long one, so I'm breaking it up into three parts. Hope you all enjoy the latest of my inspirations...Here is Part 3 of 3

Sadly, Gil and his new par amour parted ways at Maxim's. Arianna was offered a designing job that she just couldn't refuse. She didn't want to live in her present, as Gil ad originally not wanted to live in his.

"This is the time we are in. Everything moves so fast; life is noisy and complicated."

The more Gil moved back and forth through time, the more I preferred his 1920's excursions. The harsh realities of his present day seemed unappetizing and bland. However losing Arianna made him realise something.

"If I ever want to write something worthwhile, I have to get rid of my illusions and that I'd be happier in the past is probably one of them..."

Back in the present, Gil made an important life decision. A chance meeting with a woman on a bridge at night cemented his conviction of the path he had just chosen. They walked away as the rain began to fall. After all, Paris is more beautiful in the rain...
 Throughout the movie, Gil meets such an incredible array of famous names: Picasso was in love with Gil's new fantasy, Gertrude Stein accepted the request to read Gil's novel, Salvador Dali found inspiration in Gil's face for his now famous (melting clock) Surrealist piece.

There were also amazing lines from the movie that really inspired the writer/artist/philosopher in me:

"No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure..."

"You'll never write well if you fear dying..."

"A woman is equal to a man in courage..."

"Artists are like children..."

"The present's not satisfying because life's a little unsatisfying sometimes..."

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