Monday, October 3, 2011


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The husband and I were having our Saturday breakfast , perusing the paper, when he happened upon an article about vintage clothing.   He thought that this would be of interest to me.  It was a celebrity interview of an actress who extolled the virtues of vintage wear.  She was an older actress dressed rather boho chic.  Husband made a face, then asked in a joking manner, "is it still vintage when an old woman just picks stuff out of her closet?"

I was miffed and slightly offended.  He seemd to think that if you don't look good in it, it isn't really vintage.  I said that if he pulled that ugly 70's sweater out of his dresser to wear, is that retro?  I guess he got me thinking about the perception of vintage/retro in the general population.  If it's good enough to sell, it should always look good.  A viable sales item should look like an antique dresser or something found in an Afisionato's book of vintage.

Husband also doesn't realise that many of the current fashion trends have borrowed heavily from various styles already established in decades past.  No one is reinventing the wheel.  But it's fun to see how next year, the mini skirt will be interpreted.  What vintage pattern will inspire the next designer for a spring line.

As I said in a previous blog, there are definitely "ad-vintages" of looking to the past to appreciate our present.

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