Monday, September 19, 2011

TIFF Red Carpet

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I'm lucky. I live in Toronto which means that at this time of year is always TIFF - The Toronto International Film Festival. It wrapped up this weekend and was another great success!

I'm old enough to remember the early days of the festival. When movie goers could attend movies without the hype, security, high ticket prices and media blocking your way. The festival has grown into something that takes over our downtown core and I now wait for everyone to leave and then enjoy the movies after the party leaves town.

That being said, I've met my fair share of movie stars. Having worked in the restaurant industry, I was fortunate enough to work in the official restaurant of the TIFF for several years. A haunt that catered to movie stars not just during the festival, but throughout the year. A place movie stars could dine and be in comfort, knowing they would not be harassed by either paparazzi or other patrons. Too numerous to mention, most movie stars are gracious and lovely people - others, well, have let the stardom make them feel entitled and definitely let us serfs know about it. But that is another post! So I have met a lot of movie stars and guess what? They are human. 
Just like any red carpet gala, the fashion hits and misses are a major part of these festivals. Here are some photos and my take on our little slice of Hollywood.

 Marisa Tomei continues to defy age. I love how she keeps jewellery and makeup bare, contributing to her youthful 47 years! The dress is a great geometric design, but does not make her look boxy.

Gorgeous. Olivia Wilde looks just stunning in this Marchesa grecian gown. Elegant and no need for jewelery as the dress is 'gilded' with gold at the neck and cuffs. Built in jewelery!

Kiera Knightly floats around T.O. in this Elie Saab dress. Doesn't it look oh so comfortable! Well done.

Stacey Kiebler, George Clooney's flavor of the month may have made a few jaws drop, but all I see is bad retro 80s. Velvet in the summer? Yes, we know you have a killer body and legs that go on forever, but I sure hope George didn't pick out this dress - he has more class.

Our home grown dude, Ryan Gosling is uber chic and dapper in this skinny pant suit. Sans cravat, he finishes it with fantastic lace ups!

Sigh....Gerard Butler. He could wear a paper bag and look great. His flowing locks of hair are the main attraction to his business-like suit. 

 Dame Helen Mirren, voted best body of the year looks fresh and well matched in this floral strapless dress. Very vintage-y don't you think?

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