Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a MAD, MAD Invasion!

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Old Styled Tv Set Clip ArtNow that we are into September, I'm thinking about the exciting new television shows for the fall season.  In the midst of our current "Mad Men" craze, the networks have created 2 more 1960's era shows called "Pan Am" and "The Playboy Club".  Critics are skeptical of their success as viewership is currently ruled by the under 25 demographic who may not be really interested in "the old days".

Image: "Pan Am" cast
"Pan Am"
 "Pan Am" is a one hour drama based on the 1960's heyday of this airline and the lives of its pilots and flight attendants.  Pan Am was a very glamorous way to fly back in those retro days.  Travelling was a lot more exotic than what it is today.

Playboy club promo.jpg
"The Playboy Club"
 "The Playboy Club" is a visually pleasing show about the original bunnies and patrons of the Chicago hot spot.  I am personally excited about seeing Eddie Cibrian again.  Here is a highly sexist environment that will show that 1960's women were about more than boobs, platinum hair and high heels.  "Don't let the fluffy tails fool you".

Time will tell if these 2 shows will be hits or not.  But in the meantime, let's enjoy these recreations of the 1960's.  I'll certainly be tuning in.

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