Monday, August 1, 2011

S E X Sells...

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You know that expression "the more things change the more they stay the same".  I think that phrase can be applied to the idea of SEX.  No other 3-letter word can create the same buzz.  It can conjure up thousands of images.  We have the general idea that the idea of SEX or promiscuity was less in decades past.  I think that people are people and the only thing that has really changed is how we as a society is dealing with it.  I think that a randy teenager from the 1900's was the same as one from the 1950's is the same as ones among us today.  Men have and will always look at pretty girls, regardless of her state of dress (or undress!)  The battle of the sexes will rage on forever regardless of sexual orientation or race or marital status or age....etc.
What I find irritating is that some societies seem to preach the "do as I say not as I do" line of thinking.  North Americans are easily outraged by what we call "inappropriate sexual content", but we're selling SEX all the time, everywhere and anywhere.  We seem to look at European societies as being very promiscuous and too open about SEX.  I think that they are no more open about than we are; they just don't get falsely prudish about it.  (I'll save the Asian angle for another blog!)

In the past 6 months or so, we have been watching more HBO productions.  This is an American company with many branches throughout Europe.  I didn't think that it was North American in origin as the mini-series we have seen were based in Europe with primarily U.K. casting.  In its series "Rome", I was quite startled to see frontal male nudity as much as female nudity.  I'm not overly conservative but what shocked me was that HBO actually did that.  Until recently, the idea of partial or full nude scenes involved women with men properly dressed in underwear.  This never seemed very fair to me.  It's as if HBO is hiding its American ownership by seeming to be exotically European.  It's also a pay television station, so that seems allow for more freedom of adult content.

Show it or don't show it.  Do a SEX scene or don't do a SEX scene.  I'm okay either way.  But lets face it, SEX sells.  It's hard to deny that fact when you look around.  Here are some sexy vintage movie posters.  They give you a good idea of what was sexy in those days:


Brigitte Bardot in A Very Private Affair
"A Very Private Affair"

Mamie Van Doren in The Girl in Black Stockings
"The Girl In Black Stockings"

Joan Collins looking steaming hot!



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