Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitchens from the Past Part 2

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 Continuing our retro kitchen journey, here are some 1960s kitchens. Again, note how many features are incorporated into modern day kitchens - sometimes it's hard to tell that these are 40 years old!

"This kitchen was deliberately planned as an entertaining center. It makes the most of the modern, and easy-to-clean technology (at least for that time). Necessary work areas disappear behind folding doors for easy clean-up and entertaining. Featured in the February 1962 issue."

 Entertaining was a large part of the 1960s household. This one is so cozy, your guests may never leave! I just love this.
This large kitchen has a refreshing warmth and graciousness that is characteristic of the entire house. The island divides the room into work centers with a sitting room at the far end. Featured in the October 1961 issue.
 A classic case of new borrowing from the old. Wood cabinets are everywhere again in modern kitchens, accented with stainless steel appliances. 
 Modern miniatures for prefab homes.
A spruced-up, tiny prefab on a narrow lot was the home of this little kitchen in 1961. The kitchen gave the impression of being much bigger, according to House Beautiful's editors. "One important reason is that the cabinets have been raised so that the eye sees the continuation of the floor to the back wall," they wrote. The kitchen had an oven, but no surface cooking units — only "portable, thermostatically controlled appliances stored in large drawers and brought out for use."

Tomorrow, 1970s kitchens.

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