Monday, July 25, 2011


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Apparently there is a new fitness sensation that's rockin' the nation.  It seems to be going swimmingly well for those involved.  If my intentional pun wasn't hint enough, I'll tell you - it's synchronized swimming.  Kate Moss swears by it according to sources.  I didn't know that she needed to shed any extra pounds!
To be honest, I've always thought that synchronized swimming is a bit creepy.  Gaggles of identical women with placid looks on their faces, with rigid arm movements, all done with weird, pinchy nose plugs and waterproof pageant make-up.

I couldn't imagine myself doing it as I am a land lubber at heart without the natural ability to float or swim.  I also hate having a plugged nose and mouth breathing is more my other half's specialty.  I do believe that any exercise regime in water is the best, low impact way for a healthy heart and general toning.

I like to think back to the days of the old Esther Williams movies of the 1940's and early 1950's.  Instead of robot-like women competing at the Olympics, Williams' films were beautiful epics with large scores of music.  The costumes were fabulous with feathers and sequins and lots of beautiful flowers everywhere.  I also remember the aerial shots of pretty water maidens forming intricate shapes always moving and changing.  This genre was called "Aquamusicals" to compete with another movie studio who was doing Sonja Henie figure skating films.  I also think that Esther Williams also "prettied up" ladies' swimsuits to make them more glamorous and feminine.  They looked more like aquatic cocktail or evening wear than swimsuits.  She was a feminine athlete and movie icon.


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