Monday, July 18, 2011

All Tied Up

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As I have said soooo many times, I love men's bespoke tailoring. One of the accessories a man has that we as women can admire is the tie.

While Diane Keaton's Annie Hall brought the tie forward for women in the 70s, it is an underused accessory for women. It's just as well. Honestly as much as it looks fantastic on a woman, let's leave this one mainly to the gents as they have so few accessories to play with.

Some tie wearing tips for the gents!

A modern man should wear his tie ending at the middle or bottom of the waistband of their pants. It should hang straight and not be wrinkled or buckled. 

The Windsor knot is more formal, while the half-Windsor knot is more casual, and more popular.
Half Windsor knot. Single fold, more casual.

Windsor Knot. Notice the two pleats?

Tie clips help, especially on windy days and during a meal. However there are exceptions and here is one delicious one:

No tie clip...but really, do we care?!?
Paul Newman.

Then there is the bow tie. It takes a special gent to wear them...I once had a boyfriend who wore them and they looked fantastic, however not everyone can pull them off. Since it is a statement of who you are, if you are wearing a bow tie, it must be a significant part of your everyday wardrobe. 

Okay, maybe not...
 but yes...
and yes to Tucker Carlson of CNN's Crossfire. This is his distinct image.

 and absolutely yes!! 

Sorry, I think I'm drooling. Have a great day everyone!

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