Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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I had a big party to celebrate my 17th birthday.  It was a fun night.  One of the gifts I'll always love and cherish is a hardcover coffee table book which was a compilation of Vogue covers from 1900-1940. 

It was such an inspiration to me in so many ways.  My artwork for school was strongly influenced as well as my own fashion sense and my appreciation of art history grew in part because of this book.   I can't say exactly what about this book was so intriguing and captivating for me.  As I look through the pages, I just love the painted images and I prefer them to the fashionista poses of today.  The artists really captured the essence of fashion but they also managed to  create moods and quiet moments frozen in paint.  I just loved all the beautiful colours and styles of dress.  The covers seemed very influenced by world events as well as events closer to home.  Have a look at some of the images from my book: 


VOGUE April 1926 Plank Cover Paris Fashions Issue VG+

Celebrate the 1920's at SLV!
Flapper Style Pink Crepe Chiffon Dress Sz 34 S129

This is my book!

THE ART OF VOGUE COVERS 1909-1940 - William Packer

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