Monday, May 30, 2011

Where Do You Put Your Hands?

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I love pockets. I think men have such a great time with their tailored jackets as they have pockets on front, hidden inside, pockets in their trousers - tons of places to put all that is needed to carry throughout the day.

Don't get me wrong - a woman's purse is a sacred thing. But there are those times when a purse is simply in the way and I wish more women's clothing were strategically designed with pockets. There is debate on whether evening dresses should have pockets. It depends on the style of dress.  A fitted dress would simply look silly with a pocket's extra fabric - and everyone will see your cellphone and lipstick through the tight fit. However, 50s vintage dresses with full skirts are perfectly suited to pockets. Well hidden within the fabric of the skirt, a side pocket can be deep and hold our necessities. How liberating!

two side slit pockets well hidden in this 1950s cranberry dress from our store

a retro Laura Ashley dress from SLV

you would never know there were pockets here!
full skirt with bow completely hides them.

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