Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Today's print-ad and pin-up girls are all illusions.  Even beautiful women fall prey to digital enhancements.  I remember an old ad which said "is it real or is it Memorex?".  What is real and what is an imitation?  If you don't like yourself in a family photo, pop in another of your faces.  If cousin Mark couldn't make it to the event, just add him in at the end next to Grandma.  It's hard to know what is authentic and what is manipulated these days.  It's no wonder we have very skewed ideas of Hollywood beauty in both men and women.

Back in the days of film cameras, people in the advertising world couldn't have dreamed up some of the technology that is available to us today.  So in order to "perfect" their models, they had to reinterpret via painted copies of the real deal.  Have a look at the below photos and their enhanced doppelgangers.

All images courtesy of fashionism.ca

The real life model looks sweet with a hint of sexiness.
Whereas her painted image has a more impressive
cleavage and her skirt seems hiked up a bit more.  It
screams sex appeal, whereas the woman on the left
merely whispers it.  I guess it's true what they about
blonds having more fun!

This real model is looking very fetching with a fun look on
her face.  Her painted version has lost her bra, revealing
a bit of her tantalizing breasts.  She has also lost some
weight to most of her body as well.  Talk about your crash diets!

This fun and flirtatious pose has this woman's skirt in an
uproar.  She must be praising more than the notion of
'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.  Her painted version
has gone blond, the skirt is up higher and her legs seem
more slender and shapely.  Her pert breasts are also
noticeable improvements.  It's like Marilyn with the
forbidden fruit!

I'm thinking Ursula with the blow-up doll's mouth.  This model's healthy figure
has been "slenderized" in her final ad version.  The bikini barely hides a
much more alluring figure.  Her shape is toned and slender.  Now what is
going on with the bird and her 'rock & roll' hand gesture?!

Any man would die of pride to see his Valentine perched
in this manner.  But his sweetheart's painted image is
even sexier and it looks like she is modestly hiding her
birthday suit behind that heart.  Come and get it!

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