Thursday, April 28, 2011


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I apologize to those people who may be sick of hearing about the upcoming royal nuptials.  I am surprised to find that my excitement is growing as we get closer to the day.  One of my good friends is a native Londoner and he really couldn't care less.  Perhaps that's because he's a man or is it that we foreigners are more excited about it than the locals?  I'm sure that following the royals is probably considered some type of unofficial job description for some Britons, but others seem very blasé about it.  Nevertheless, I will have my digital cable recorder set to go in the wee hours of Friday morning.  I will not be up before the roosters because after all, what is technology for, if it isn't there to make life easier for us?!  If there was a crowd of us around the television, I might want to break out some bubbly, scones, clotted cream and lovely jam for this auspicious occasion.

Heart Clip ArtI think that I'm just a hopeful romantic who really wants this royal marriage to work out.  I'm sure that in some respects HRH is being a bit more laid back about the whole thing due to her family's rampant martial unbliss.  Or at least that's the way I would want to be in her sensible shoes.  Aside from all the practicalities, it's just a darn romantic notion to see a handsome prince marrying a beautiful girl of common blood.  They look great together and they both seem very sensible about the largeness and madness of the world descending on their special day.

I raise my glass to you, Will and Kate.  Be happy and screen yours calls; have the palace on call display!

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

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William and Kate error mug with Harry

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