Monday, March 21, 2011

Gothic Revival

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There's a funny commercial on television these days.  You see 2 teenage girls watching something intently then occasionally sighing in unison.  Then one girl says "I wish we had vampires at our school."  The other girl just nods, then responds with "'s sooooo unfair!"  We seem to be in the middle of a vampire love fest.  They're everywhere from books, to TV shows to movies and I am definitely seeing a resurgence of goth fashions among the younger demographic.  It's apparently really cool and hot for a guy to be an Edward look-a-like by being almost painfully thin with pale skin, dark/black clothes and hints of dark under the eyes and on the lips.
Goth fashions, not to be mistaken for death or heavy metal fashions can be characterized by the participant's morbid attraction to all things deathly.  The clothing seems to be inspired by a combination of Victorian, punk and Elizabethan styles.  This fashion statement first came to being in the late 1970's as a revolt against all things disco and colourful.
 Today it's so very cool to be a vampire.  They're not the scary, blood-sucking menaces from the past like Nosferatu.  Today's Dracula is handsome, romantic and wants to be a do-gooder!  And if he is not good at first, there is always the chance for redemption from the influences of a good woman.  Sigh...How's that for appealing to the female sensibility?!  Then there are those buff werewolves....

Indulge in your own goth fantasies...

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